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Child Care Deck Completed!

Child Care Deck Completed!

Praise the Lord, our new Child Care deck is completed! Through you, the Lord has blessed us with a safe and secure new ministry zone for our youngest campers. Thank you for your gifts, prayers and patience. We needed them all to reach the finish line.By dividing this project into three distinct phases over a period of two months, we were able to continue our Playschool ministry uninterrupted. This is a deck built to last, with pressure–treated wood used for all the joists and beams, while the new structural beams are so massive they required six men to lift! We’ve installed a fire sprinkler system under the deck for added safety.

The original deck had a wonderful yet very unusual steel railing, which was one complete and uninterrupted unit. Because it was in such great shape and the cost to replace it would have been prohibitive, we reused it, but had to creatively brace it with temporary supports while the new deck was literally built around and under it.

Our building permit was issued with requirements to enhance the front entrance to the Child Care building, by making it more accessible. This turned out to be an unexpected blessing, as it will be much easier for us to minister to children with mobility issues year–round!

The next time you visit, we would love to have you pop by and see our beautiful new Child Care deck!

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“Let the children come to me; do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of God.” Mark 14:10 (ESV)

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