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What’s New. What Isn’t.

What’s New. What Isn’t.

Mona from Arizona, here!

If you’ve ever been to Arizona, and especially if you haven’t, you know the expectation. Arizona is always hot and dry. Right?


Last Wednesday, Central AZ became a Winter Wonderland. (Yep, the song is playing in my head, too. You’re welcome.)

2015 Arizona Snow Collage

Expectations can disappoint us. Lull us into complacency. Expectations might even cause us to miss out on a glorious surprise because we think we know what to expect and don’t anticipate anything more. Or we snub the surprise because it means things are different.

You may have heard the rumors . . . change is in the air for the Mount Hermon Christian Writers’ Conference. I’m not sure what you’ve heard, if anything, but it’s true that change is coming to the Mount Hermon Christian Writers’ Conference. We’ve hit the refresh button for 2015!

So far, I have run in to two different camps.

  • Those who initially respond with “oh.” Picture sagging shoulders.
  • Those who initially respond with “Oh!” Picture eyes wide with anticipation.

The good news is that the “oh” easily becomes “Oh!”

So . . . I’m here to break it all down for you ~ What’s New and What Isn’t.


If you’re already a fan of the Mount Hermon Christian Writers’ Conference, you know that the fabulous Rachel Williams is the Conference Director. Following the “passing through” of her husband, Roger, Rachel has taken a leave of absence from her job at Mount Hermon. That’s why you’re hearing from me. I’m serving as Coordinator for the 2015 Mount Hermon Christian Writers’ Conference.

Who am I? A Mount Hermon Christian Writers’ Conference veteran (okay, old-timer works too). It was my first writers’ conference. When? (I was afraid you’d ask that.) In 1988. I’ve been in the publishing industry awhile and Mount Hermon and the relationships I’ve made at the conference over the years have played a key role in my writing journey. Click here to learn more about the progression of that journey.


Break out the chocolate ~ it’s a New Website!

Don’t miss out. Go ahead . . .  take the new website for a spin. While you’re cruising, check out what’s new in the program.

Oh, and don’t forget to visit the familiar and new faculty faces.

Looking for the guidelines and forms for the various conference features? Resources has it all!


The Writers’ Conference Blog. It’s integrated into the new website and easy to access there. Yes, but that’s not all. There’s a plan.

You don’t have to wait until you’re breathing the Mount Hermon redwoods in March to get to know the faculty and start gleaning from their years of experience in the publishing industry. (Yep. I heard that “Oh!”) Not only will you find helpful tidbits about the conference and ways to prepare to get the most out of it, we’ll feature Faculty Guest Posts too.

Make sure you subscribe to receive the blog posts by email so you don’t miss out on any updates.


I hear you. And it’s true. Expectations have their perks. Indeed, there can be comfort and even joy found in knowing what to expect. Especially if your expectations are grounded in the What’s Not New about the conference features. So . . . for 2015, we’re giving everyone a bit of both. The familiar. AND the surprising.

Signature Features that have given the Mount Hermon Christian Writers’ Conference its stellar reputation in the publishing industry . . .

Mount Hermon, the bridge between writers and agents, writers and editors, agents and editors.

Added-Value Features new to the 2015 conference . . .

Come see for yourself. REGISTER ME NOW!

Mount Hermon offers a one-of-a-kind atmosphere for writers at every skill level, from unpublished to professional, and offers help to writers in a wide span of genres and in every phase of a writer’s career. We continually research the latest trends in writing and publishing, seeking out the foremost experts.

Whether you desire to publish the traditional way with a royalty publisher or you intend to go the indie publishing route, you’ll find industry professionals who can instruct, direct, and encourage you.


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YOUR TURN: We’d love to hear from you. What are you most looking forward to at the 2015 Mount Hermon Christian Writers’ Conference, March 25-31?


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  • as a lower case writer who calls herself jAne (on my blog), this will be my first writers conference. a bit of trepidation and excitement rolled into one mess of a string ball. wink. i’m looking forward to forming a new concentrated focus as well as writing outside of the box. non-fiction. sharing my story isn’t easy so i’m desiring to go ‘up’ from the story – sharing how to walk (faith based) through a nightmare with one’s head held high while wearing pearls. blessings…

    • Hey, Sherry!

      Great to hear from you, and I’m excited to meet you at Mount Hermon in March. Can’t wait for you to meet Lynn Vincent and Dean Nelson, and the other Nonfiction experts on the faculty. A bit of trepidation and excitement sounds like the perfect mix as you anticipate what God is preparing for you.


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