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Conference Programming for Indie Authors

Conference Programming for Indie Authors

The Mount Hermon Christian Writers’ Conference is the place to be this month!

That’s true for Indie Authors as well as for writers planning to go the traditional route with a publishing house. It’s especially the place to be for hybrid authors wanting to do both.

The conference does host agents and editors from traditional publishing–books and magazines, but that doesn’t mean we’re neglecting writers who publish their writing independently or want to at least explore the possibility of self-publishing.

This year Mount Hermon is offering three Afternoon Workshops and a Night Owl specifically focused for writers who want to publish their short stories, novellas, and books independent of a traditional publishing house.

Saturday Night Owl: The Five Laws of Successful Self-Publishing

James Scott Bell

James Scott Bell see bio

Going Indie: How to Produce a World-Class E-book When You Don’t Know Diddly

Randy Ingermanson

Randy Ingermanson see bio

We’ve all heard that indie authoring is hot, but it can be terrifying to newbies. How do you actually produce your e-book? In this practical workshop, we’ll discuss the four main tasks an indie author needs to get done that a traditional publisher would normally do: Editing the book, designing the cover, formatting the e-book, and uploading it to online retailers. By the time we finish, you’ll know exactly how to do these tasks yourself—or how to hire them out to qualified professionals. You’ll be ready to produce your first e-book and start reaping the rewards.


Children’s: Indie Publish Your Children’s Book

Angela Hunt

Angela Hunt see bio

Angela Hunt has considered all the possible venues for independent publishing, and in this workshop she’ll explain the best method for publishing a children’s book through Amazon’s Create Space and Kindle programs. She’ll walk you through step-by-step, so no worries! She will also include writing guidelines so your children’s picture or chapter book is the best it can be.


Going Indie: Making Your Indie E-Books Massively More Discoverable

Randy Ingermanson

Randy Ingermanson see bio

We’ve all heard about the superstar indie authors who’ve sold millions of books. The conventional wisdom says that huge sales numbers only happen when your book is “discoverable,” but what is that supposed to mean? In this workshop, we’ll talk about four specific things you can do to make your e-books massively more discoverable. These techniques work—they’ve been battle-tested by numerous indie authors. I’ll show you the amazing results I experienced when I put these techniques into practice myself. I’ll explain why they work. And I’ll explain all the pesky details you need to know to boost the discoverability of your own e-books.


On the flip side  . . . hear from a traditional publishing insider–Alice Crider.

PUBLISHING: Book Publishing from A to B: Understanding the Book Publishing Process from Acquisitions to Book Signing

Alice Crider

Alice Crider see bio

An inside view of book publishing processes from Acquisition to Book Publication. Why traditional publishing is the best idea for most authors (in my opinion!).


Do you know a writer wanting to look into self-publishing their book for adults or children? We’d love it if you’d share this post with them and encourage them to join us at Mount Hermon, March 27-31! 


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