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Making Friends at Conference

Making Friends at Conference


A Literary Agent with The Steve Laube Agency, Tamela will teach an Afternoon Workshop, participate in an Agents Q&A, and meet with potential clients at the 2016 Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference next month.


Conference time is exciting for everyone, especially those who are looking forward to meeting people they’ve only met over the Internet and reconnecting with old friends. For certain, strengthening relationships is one of the best benefits of any conference.

But what about the person who’s new, who hasn’t had a chance to make lots of friends yet? What about the shy person who doesn’t like social media, and must gather up all her courage even to go to a conference? Conference veterans know to expect lots of hustle and bustle, especially at larger conferences. Experienced and multi-published writers know they have a place. Often, they are sought after and even revered. But what about the newbie who suddenly feels even smaller among all the authors, editors, and agents? What about the writer who’s struggled for years, and is finding he feels even more intimidated amid the brouhaha?

It’s easy to pass around hugs to your immediate group and start chattering away. I know I’ve done this many a time, to great joy. But at conference, let’s all be mindful of the people who need us to step aside enough to let them in to our little circles of friendship and camaraderie. If you see someone approaching your circle, let that person in. You might discover this new person is not an intruder, but could end up being one of your best friends.

If you see me at conference, feel free to tap me on the shoulder whether I’m with or without a group of friends. I’d love to talk with you!


Come meet Tamela Hancock Murray and make new friends at the 47th annual Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference, March 18-22, 2016.


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  • How appropriate. I once was the newcomer you described in your post. In fact, it’s too bad my first conference attendance wasn’t videoed. I had never traveled alone or stayed in a hotel all by myself. I was overwhelmed, but excited. I pretended to know the writing lingo others were using. Query, what was that? Synopsis? How do you pronounce genre? I listened but avoided entering into conversation for fear someone might figure out how new I really was. Then I prayed for courage. Funny how that works. I watched the crowd for loners and discovered it was their first conference too. By the end of the first day, I’d made five new friends. We formed our own little email group and called ourselves The Scribe Sisters. Now, I love conferences. What an opportunity to learn, see old friends, and make new ones.

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