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Looking for the Next Level

Looking for the Next Level

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by Susan K. Beatty

“An adventure . . . where I re-discover that I’m here to experience with them—writers, authors, and instructors—the same fears, goals, and desires about their writing journey as I have. From there, I’m encouraged to step to the next level of my writing adventure.”

Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference attendee Anina Swan is praising her experience with the Pre-Conference Clinics.

I am like Anina, looking for the next level in my writing journey.

I’m a somewhere-in-between, not a beginning but not an experienced published writer. I’ve been wondering how I can get the most out of this fabulous, gem-packed conference and how to step up to the next level without feeling fire-hosed.

Comments from Anina and others have me considering taking one of the Pre-Conference Clinics held April 10-12.

The conference website says, “Why not get a jumpstart on the main conference by signing up for a pre-conference mentoring clinic!” Why not, indeed?

Clinic Combines Learning and Fellowship

Another attendee said, “An excellent warm-up, relationship builder, and venue for personal critique. I am sure the main conference had greater impact because of this personal orientation for this first-timer.”

How could we go wrong when each clinic combines learning in a small-group setting, a mentor critique of our work in progress, and a one-on-one consultation with our mentor?

Each clinic is designed to give writers at all levels an opportunity to focus on developing projects or to support other areas of a writing career.

“Encouraging, informative, helpful, insightful, and so much more,” said another attendee.

And the faculty. Wow. I’m not sure how to choose from among these talented professionals: Lori Freeland (Beginning Fiction); Tim Shoemaker (Intermediate to Advanced Fiction); Jan Kern (Beginning Nonfiction); or Doug Newton (Intermediate to Advanced Nonfiction). Also, within the specialty topics, choose from Renae Brumbaugh Green (Humor Writing); Laura Christianson (Website Building); or Janet McHenry (Proposal Creation).

Pre-Conference Clinic Application

Participation in a Pre-Conference Clinic requires an application. The process includes a statement of your purpose and goals for participating and a three- to five-page sample of your writing, depending on which clinic you choose.

Don’t be daunted; just be sure to follow the instructions available on the website. Application deadline is March 20.

The clinics are a value-added opportunity for an additional fee and space is limited.

I’m thinking of applying for intermediate to advanced fiction. Or maybe website building. Or proposal creation. Oh, my. Which will you choose?

“Best part of the whole conference!”

With applause like that, what are we waiting for? Let’s choose our clinic and get our applications started.

Off to start my application. What about you?

Susan Beatty

Susan Beatty is the author of An Introduction to Home Education manual. After thirty-five years of leadership in the homeschool community, including writing, editing, and managing conferences, she retired in 2017 and is now pursuing a novel-writing career. Her first novel is in revision. She is the assistant director of the SoCal Christian Writers’ Conference and recently became the president of her local ACFW-OC Chapter in California. Susan is a professional writer/journalist.

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