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Each Sunday evening last summer, I stood in the dark backstage, listening to the “Wild” skit being performed. I felt afraid and overwhelmed, knowing that in a few short minutes I would be standing on stage, by myself, in spotlights, talking in front of hundreds of people, and facing my deepest insecurity. It was in these moments of fear that I felt God speak truth and light into my heart. And each opening day, and throughout the whole summer, He ALWAYS said the same thing. 

What started as a spark of peace in my life last summer, grew into something much bigger, and has culminated in this summer’s Ponderosa Lodge theme: Always. 

This summer students will experience the truth that God is with us always, no matter what fears we face. We will be looking at the life of David, a man who many times throughout his life had reason to be afraid. Each day we will look at a narrative passage of David’s life, and pair it with a Psalm written by David around the same time. Students will see God’s faithfulness and steadfast love as He walks with us through every fear we experience, always

To help students grasp this truth, we will be creating a Dream World. Dreams are often a place where we are confronted with our fears, as dreams can suddenly turn into nightmares. What does it look like for God to be with us always even when we are afraid that we’re not enough, or when we have every reason to fear? How do we experience God with us always when giving Him control is hard, or we’re faced with the consequences of our sin? In what ways is God with us always, even when it feels like we’ve been waiting on God for a really long time? 

In all of these things, God is with us always

Please join us in praying for the campers who will be at Ponderosa Lodge this summer, and for the counselors who will be loving them and leading them one step closer to Jesus.

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