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Navigating the Gap

Navigating the Gap

Remember the difficulty you had trying to share your new-found worldview with your parents when you were a kid? Chances are your kids and grandkids are having the very same struggle today. But today it is much more than just a gap in fashion and style. The times we live in now are shaping this generation in a whole new way; much differently than the times that shaped us.

We are living in an increasingly post-Christian, post-modern culture and many amongst new generations are abandoning their faith and the church. Sadly, we see this in our own families.

But we don’t have to be ignorant. In Chronicles we are introduced to the sons of Issachar. It’s said that they “understood the times and knew what to do.”

What a legacy that was!

At this year’s Creating a Legacy conference we’re very excited to have Dan Kimball, the founding pastor of Vintage Faith Church in Santa Cruz share with us about this culture and what makes this generation so unique. Dan is the author of several books including They Like Jesus but not the Churchwhich deals with how the church and Christians are viewed in our culture and addresses the negative perceptions that younger generations have of Christianity and the church.

We want to invite you to come to the Creating a Legacy conference at Mount Hermon August 19-23 and be intentional about your legacy. We’ll spend each morning in major track seminars that will offer six hours of instruction, exercises, discussions and much more over the course of the conference.

After lunch we’re offering over 15 elective seminars that will deal with subjects like researching your own genealogy, living single, caring for aging parents, walking alongside those who are grieving and much more.

To register for the conference or to learn more about it just go here. Or you can call the registrar at 831.335.4466

Don’t miss this opportunity to become intentional about your legacy.

Because we should leave more than breadcrumbs…

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