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Camp is More Than Just a Place

Camp is More Than Just a Place

Lives Transformed is what Kidder Creek is all about.

As young people encounter Jesus at camp and each summer we get a front row seat to God’s work in the lives of young people. Our campers take steps closer to Jesus through salvation, baptism, finding forgiveness for sins and by committing to follow Jesus with all of their heart. Our response is “Yay God!”

This year has certainly been a different year for us without running our traditional summer camp programs. It has been a challenging year financially, but also in knowing that kids need camp and we weren’t able to provide them with camp experiences where they grow closer to Jesus. However, we trust that God was still at work and they found Jesus in different ways.

Recently a friend challenged my thinking by reminding me that “camp is more than just a place” it is also all the people that have had their lives transformed here over the years. If we follow this thinking, then Kidder Creek is scattered all over the world as teachers, business men and women, missionaries and pastors, parents and grandparents, health workers, guides, and ranchers who are about loving Jesus, serving Him and making Him known wherever they are.

So even though we did not get to have camp at Kidder Creek in Etna this summer, God is using the past staff and campers to see Lives Transformed all over the world and for that we still say “Yay God!”.

And… I can’t wait for summer 2021 to have camp back in full swing and all be in one place together again to share laughter, adventure, time in creation and in God’s word in the happiest place on earth! (Sorry Disney)

See you soon! In the meantime be about what camp is all about, Jesus.

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