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What’s been going on at Kidder Creek?

What’s been going on at Kidder Creek?

Since overnight program ministries weren’t able to happen this last summer due to COVID-19 some new and unexpected opportunities presented themselves. By looking at what was permissible alongside of what’s most important to the ministry of Kidder Creek we were able to launch Family Day Adventures, partner with Camp Hope to run a day camp, hold an After School Adventures program, host Outdoor Science School through a partnership with the Siskiyou County Outdoor Ed and run three weekends of Fall Festival!

Inviting people into the outdoors in God’s Creation alongside loving Christian staff so that they can learn more about their relationship with Jesus and each other is the cornerstone of the Kidder Creek ministry. Thankfully, outdoor experiences with your family or “shelter group” were one of the safest ways to adventure this summer so we quickly adapted our offerings to allow families and small groups to experience the best of Kidder— rafting, horseback riding, challenge courses, amazing staff and good food – with the purpose of being refreshed in their relationships with God and one another. Over the summer, we hosted over 67 family groups on outdoor adventures!

Moving into the fall we saw a need, with school sports being cancelled, for local youth to be outside, get some exercise, and safely participate in community. We launched two after school programs for middle school youth— a “Ranch Camp” experience and a “Mountain Bike Camp.” The campers have had an amazing time learning how to ride and exploring
their faith.

Coming alongside the local schools to serve the youth in our community has long been a priority and this year for the first time we’ve been able to host Outdoor Science day trips. Using Kidder Creek’s natural beauty as the backdrop for science education has been a blessing and has introduced students, parents, and teachers to the ministry of Kidder Creek.

One of our amazing volunteer families that helped us this summer!

None of these ministries would have been possible without a committed crew of volunteers that kept camp in good repair, guided adventures and trail rides, made food, and shared the love of Jesus with campers! We want to give a shout out to all the volunteers who gave so much to make camp happen this summer! We especially want to thank the Claussen, Galbraith, and Wilson families as well as Ian Andridge, Abi Auer, Ben Morris, Scott Limkeman, Payton Birch, Emily, Lily, and Claire Warken, Debbie Hymas, and the Heavenly Wheel volunteer group who were regular volunteers as well as so many others who were here for a day or two over the summer and fall.

Thank you so much for giving of your time, gifts and talents. The gift of your presence is an example of the Kingdom of God at work!

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