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Something To Celebrate

Something To Celebrate

Ministry at Mount Hermon is a broadly-flowing intersection of the mighty hand of God at work among our guests and our staff. God’s faithfulness here is a continual win/win, as seen again with a recent guest group.

Alma Heights Christian High School was at Ponderosa Lodge, September 3—6. Serving them all week was such a blessing to me. God worked in my heart and moved mightily in the hearts of the kids. One Chinese foreign exchange student became a believer. An agnostic, his heart was softened and God won him over. Each year we’re seeing one of these international students meet Christ!

One camper stated, “Worshiping God became easier.” Coming out of hurt, heaviness, pain and struggling, he was set free from what had encumbered him. This is huge! How many know what that feels like?

Also, a young lady was confronted by a student with anger issues. Using hurtful names he began treating her unfairly. She felt led to apologize for any way she’d hurt him, and God used that to soften his heart. He responded to God and submitted to receiving prayer, something he’d never done. God worked mightily, using that humble girl. She’d never been used like that. It was tangible and it drew her closer to the Lord, encouraging her faith. Others were watching – and giving testimony: “I reunited with Jesus.” “I got closer to God.” “I learned more about Jesus and became a Christian.”

This is so exciting happening in our midst! People are meeting Jesus. This is definitely something to celebrate!

Shami Benjamin is the Conference Services Coordinator for Ponderosa Lodge and Redwood Camp. Her care for our guests and attention to detail provides spaces for life-transforming experiences.

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