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The Gift of Camp

The Gift of Camp

Each summer we hear testimonies from families whose lives are transformed as a result of God meeting them here at Mount Hermon. The following is from a family blessed through a military campership. Military camperships are just one part of our Give Camp 331 program, bringing families and individuals to camp who would be unable to attend without this loving gift. As one military camper told us:

“We are privileged recipients of a military campership and we want to say ‘thanks.’ I just spent a year in Iraq. Living with the eroding effect of that environment and the broken lives it leaves, you don’t know the impact until you come back. Having the opportunity to come to Mount Hermon to be refreshed and reconnect with genuine generosity and compassion in this environment was truly amazing. It is a humbling experience to be recipients of such generosity. 

When I called Dave Burns to ask about the program there was no sanitizing process. ‘You came from the war; come on up.’ It was like the father of the prodigal son. I called Mount Hermon and their arms were open.

The spirit of Christ resonated through the staff and everyone we met. I pinched myself at night…is this for real… is there a commercial being filmed or something? It’s an incredible experience. Hopefully, we’ll be here years from now and my son will be telling the story. 

Thank you to all the donors! We’re going to give back because we have received so much. If you’ve ever wondered where your money goes—it impacted our lives. So thank you, we deeply appreciate it.” 

Thank you for supporting Give Camp 331. It transforms lives!

Kerry Phibbs is the Associate Director of Donor Relations and is passionate about what Give Camp 331 does in the lives of people. Be a part of changing lives. Email: 

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