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Volunteer at Your Own Risk!

Volunteer at Your Own Risk!

Mount Hermon is a special place where God dramatically interacts with people and draws them closer to Himself. Many of you know this, and continually thank the Lord for His grace poured into you through your seasons at Mount Hermon.

Many also express your gratitude to God through vol unteering selflessly as partners who are essential to keeping this ministry humming so effectively. It is impossible to consider operating at such an edifying level without their investment.

One volunteer’s Mount Hermon history spans over 60 years. As a young girl, Nelda Olson roller skated INSIDE the WWII-vintage water tank, then being installed up on Madrone Ave. With her family she enjoyed many conferences and camps, and still stays in the “family cabin” while serving as one of our many outstanding volunteers.

This summer Nelda did a “risky” thing. Though 50 years separate their ages, Nelda joined with the Amata Girls, mentoring, encouraging and modeling for them a spirit-led, Christ-dependent, and humble servant life. Face-painted and unselfconscious, Nelda won their trust and hearts, joyfully and tangibly demonstrating the love of Christ to these young girls. The goal of our Amata Program–the very heart of the Lord for them–is that they know they are indeed “beloved” of God. Nelda said, “These girls are so precious. I am having the time of my life!”

Nelda embodies the intentionality of all of our volunteers, to “find a need and fill it,” making the gospel both heard and seen in every area of Mount Hermon. Now it’s your turn. Take a risk and become a volunteer too!

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