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The Ripple Effect

The Ripple Effect

Hannah and her Brother

by Hannah Borjon, Summer Staff Alumna

My name is Hannah. I come from the most incredible, loving family. But none of us had a personal relationship with Jesus. God used one week of camp to change all that.

I came to Ponderosa Lodge in 2012. On the way, my mom and sweet grandma turned and asked if I had heard of the 10 Commandments. I innocently replied, “You mean the 10 Amendments?”

I simply wanted a summer camp experience. I was hoping to meet a cute boy or learn to surf. But days in, I was filled with questions. I intently listened to the sermons. I carefully analyzed the words on the screen during worship and observed the way all these people (so fun and filled with life) were worshiping this God of theirs.

I became glued to my counselor, Mikaela. I grilled her with questions every part of the day. Friday I said my first prayer by the volleyball court with Mikaela by my side. That began my walk with Jesus.

I continued to pursue Jesus through church, and came back every summer through my super senior year. Camp has been a place where God grows my faith and prepares me for what He has next. I even had the privilege to serve as a counselor at Ponderosa Lodge for the summers 2017 and 2018.

Hannah and her cousin Kate
Hannah and her Cousin Kate
Those two summers I saw many lives transformed in ways like mine. But there are two experiences that stick out to me the most. I got to see my cousin and my brother accept Jesus at camp.

My younger cousin Kate and I have a very close relationship. She asked a lot of the same questions I had asked and she accepted Jesus by the pool at Ponderosa Lodge. We were hugging and crying tears of joy as heaven rejoiced. We both recognized how special of a moment it was, with the same family, and similar stories that God gave us to share. She went back home, got plugged into a small group and is growing in her faith.

I can’t express the emotions I felt watching my little brother lift up his hands in worship for the first time. I saw a tear roll down his face and his “tough boy” mask come off when he realized the joy and weight of our salvation in Jesus. He went home and put his faith into practice.
Borjon Family
Borjon Family
When I accepted Jesus in 2012, I actually began praying for my whole family. Knowing that I would get to spend eternity in heaven with my little brother and cousin – what a joy that was! But my parents were still on the top of my prayer list. I didn’t know it, but God wasn’t done yet. My parents and grandparents noticed a change after we put our trust in Jesus. God grabbed hold of their hearts. They placed their faith in Jesus and it has had a wonderful impact on our family.

God is so good! He used a camp experience to not only reach campers, but to cause ripple effects through them to bring hearts to life for generations. Countless families like mine have been transformed in this place. Thank you to every one of you who make it possible. I hope you know how significant your contributions to this place are and to the lives God transforms here.
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