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Find Your Words in the Father’s Presence

Find Your Words in the Father’s Presence

Each Monday we are highlighting one of the Major Morning Tracks for the Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference.

Choose one of seven tracks designed for writers at every skill level for your Major Morning Track—Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

Designed with three parts packed with benefits.

  • Morning Instruction
  • Morning Writing Assignments in conjunction with teaching
  • Afternoon Mentoring Groups

Doug Newton in TreesInstructor: Doug Newton, Author 

Doug Newton is the Senior Pastor of the Greenville (IL) Free Methodist Church and co-director of the National Prayer Ministry of the Free Methodist Church-USA. Formerly the 15-year editor of Light and Life magazine, Doug has authored eight books and travels extensively speaking at conferences, seminars and churches around the world. He and his wife Margie founded Mary’s Place Ministries and hosted prayer retreats for over 15 years.

Major Morning Track #2 of 7

Find Your Words in the Father’s Presence

Jesus set the standard for writers when He said: I do not speak on my own. The Father tells me what to say and how to say it (John 12:49). Seriously? All those amazing parables (fictional short stories) that change hearts? All those authoritative teachings (non-fiction) that transform minds? All that came from an intimate listening relationship with His Father? If the “Word of God made flesh” had to find His words in His Father’s presence, how can we hope to write without a similar process? In this major morning track you will gain confidence in your co-authorship relationship with God and learn how it works in the realms of reasoning and imagination. Your writing will likely become Spirit-filled and creatively fresh. And the value-added bonus? Your prayer life will never be the same.

What questions do you have that you hope Doug will answer in the class?

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Major Morning Track #1 of 7

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