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Why I Attend Writers’ Conferences

Why I Attend Writers’ Conferences


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Serving on the Agent Panel workshop and meeting with writers.



Thank you for the opportunity to share on the Mount Hermon blog.

[Mona: We’re happy to hear from you, Rachel. Thanks for the post!]

I’m excited to get to be a part of the writers’ conference next year. I always enjoy the Mount Hermon conference! I have met a lot of my clients there and the classes are top notch.

[Mona: We’re thrilled you’re going to be with us and part of the faculty in March.]

Obviously, agents go to writers’ conferences to meet potential clients, but are there reasons beyond the obvious? YES!

Here are a few of the other reasons I like to attend writers conferences:

1) I attend conferences to help authors learn about publishing and what agents do. I usually teach one or two workshops. I am not teaching at Mt. Hermon this year because I have to leave on Sunday, but I will be participating in an Agent Panel workshop Saturday afternoon and I’m available for appointments–not only for pitches, but also to help answer questions writers might have.

2) I always enjoy gathering with fellow bibliophiles and worshiping God with other Christians. The worship time at many Christian conferences is a highlight for me. And worshiping surrounded by people who love books is a small slice of heaven.

3) I take time during conferences to talk with the editors who are also there on faculty. It’s a great time for us to connect face-to-face to discuss projects that are in the works, find out what the editors are looking to acquire, and discuss projects that I have to pitch that might be of interest.

4) I like to take the time at conferences to connect with my clients who are also at the conference. At larger conferences where there are many clients gathered, we’ll host a get-together for all of our agency clients to meet and mingle. I try to fit in one-on-one time with each client, too.

What are some reasons you like to attend writers’ conferences?

Will I see you at Mount Hermon’s Christian Writers’ Conference 2016?


Come meet Rachel Kent at Mount Hermon in March!

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  • I met Rachel at Mount Hermon! Reading this post, I can almost smell the redwoods and feel the sweet, worship-filled spirit of the MH Christian Writers Conference. I really hope I can attend this year.

  • I have not missed a Mount Hermon Writers Conference in ten years! Besides the workshops, you get to meet amazing people like Rachel Kent and other writers, editors and agents. I treasure my time at Mount Hermon and can’t wait to see everyone again.

    • Hi, Sherry! We’re glad you haven’t missed a Mount Hermon Writers’ Conference in 10 years. 🙂 We can’t wait to see you in March!

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