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How to Plan a Retreat

How to Plan a Retreat

How to Plan a Retreat

by Nate Pfefferkorn, Vice President of Strategy

We know you want to connect with your group in a safe place free from distractions and we know how hard it is to get everyone together in one place at one time. A retreat from the daily distractions can draw your group together and draw them to the lord like no other experience. Finding the right place that can provide the right experience can take some doing so here are some important things to keep in mind as you plan your event!

Choose your Style

Will your event be structured with set times for worship, learning, discussion and set activities? Or is it more of time to relax with self-directed activities and guided conversations starters? Both kinds of events can be powerful but it’s important to consider ahead of time what kind of experience suits your group. It will help you figure out what types of facilities you’ll need for meeting spaces, meal times and activities as well as help you set expectations for your attendees.

Kidder Creek excels at offering a rustic high-adventure experience that is close to nature. We handle activities like whitewater rafting and cliff jumping so you can participate fully alongside your guests and we can partner with you in teaching and worship or just set the stage for you.

Set That Budget

Once you know what your retreat is about the next biggest question everyone will have is “how much does it cost?” It’s important to ask your retreat facility good questions so you know exactly what is included in their pricing and what is an add-on cost. Are all meals included? What about snacks? Is there coffee in the morning? Do activities cost extra? Are there microphones and projectors available for use? Think through the details of your ideal schedule so you know what to expect.

Kidder Creek has Guest Adventures packages to help start the planning process that include lodging, meals and all the activities. The price you see includes everything you need for an amazing event!

How ’bout the Staff?

The staff partnering with you to make your event happen can make or break the experience. Will the retreat center staff know what your groups purpose and goals are and will they support those? Who will answer questions, fix problems, and help make your retreat go smoothly?

Additionally, you should ask the retreat facility you are contemplating booking if they will fully staff all activities. For instance, some will ask that you provide your own lifeguards if you’re planning for pool time, so keep that in mind! Kidder Creek will make sure all your activities have qualified and highly-trained staff available, including lifeguards! And rest assured our retreat host will be familiar with everything about camp and the adventures your group is going on but will also know you, your group, and how to make your experience awesome!

Book It

How far in advance should you start planning your retreat? We recommend three to six months. That way, you have a better chance of booking the weekend that works best for your group before a time slot fills up. You’ll also be able to reserve activities and get on the schedules of all your busy trip participants!

Let’s Do This Thing

Finally, and perhaps most importantly: does the retreat facility you’re considering love Jesus like you do? If they don’t, they may not really understand the power and importance of what you’re trying to accomplish.

With all these things to consider when planning an event why not enlist the help of some pro’s to make it all go smoothly? Kidder Creek will do everything we can to make sure your life remains uncomplicated and that your group has the experience of a lifetime.

If you’re interested in booking an adventure visit the website or call Andy at (530) 467-3265.

Nate Pfefferkorn, Vice President of Strategy

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